Hail Damage Repair

R&R Dent Removal, Inc. has decades of experience with hail repair and wants to ensure you receive a quality repair without any unnecessary hassle. When it comes to hail damage, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the preferred repair method due to cost, time, and quality. Our highly skilled technicians work quickly and efficiently to restore your vehicle back to its original appearance while maintaining all the original paint and parts.

My car was damaged by hail. What do I do now?
Give us a call or email! We can help you contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. They will advise you on where to take your vehicle to have it inspected by their adjuster. We will conduct our own inspection and repair estimate to be provided to you & your insurance representative, free of charge.

I am meeting with their adjuster, now what?
Allow the adjuster to inspect your vehicle and provide you with a written estimate for repair. This estimate often has inaccuracies, as it is just an estimate. Upon repair, any difference between the adjuster’s written estimate and the final invoice will be resolved between the repair shop and the insurance company using a supplement.

Their adjuster will most likely encourage you to have your car repaired by one of their preferred vendors and may even have their own representatives present at the claims center. However, it is your right to choose the person or business you are most comfortable with. It is illegal for an insurance company, or their representative, to require you to have your vehicle repaired by any specific vendor.

Our technicians realize the value of maintaining original parts and paint on your vehicle and make it our top priority. In most cases, this is possible with PDR. This is an important detail to look for when comparing the conventional/body shop repair estimate your insurance company requires to the repair estimate provided by R&R Dent Removal.

I’ve got my check, now what?
If you haven’t already done so, give us a call at 480-785-0047 to schedule a repair.

Can I just cash the check and not repair my vehicle?
Before doing so, it’s important to consider some potential consequences.
If you later decide to have your vehicle repaired, you may find that the costs of repairing your hail damage are higher than the amount that you were quoted by your insurance company.

If you end up with a damage claim in the future, your insurance company may reduce the amount paid on that claim by the amount previously paid for hail damage not repaired.

Also, if a lien exists, you may find that there is not sufficient value to satisfy the lien due to the hail damage. Insurance companies usually avoid this by issuing multiple-party checks for repairs on vehicle with liens.